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Our Establishment

Features a seafood market with full take out service to accommodate the vacation season. All of our shellfish is harvested daily by our own clammers from legally certified NJ inter-coastal bays.
Although our clams have made us famous, this season’s menu is bursting with delicious new recipes, garden salads and daily blackboard specials. For your health, our fried entrees are cholesterol free and low in saturated fats due to a unique blend of corn and canola oil known as “Supreme Fry-On.”



Situated on the corner of 20th and Long Beach Boulevard in Surf City

We have ample off-street parking. We’re open seven days a week and accept both Visa and Mastercard. Our restaurant is fully air-conditioned and if you would like to add to your dining pleasure, feel free to bring your own wine or beer.
We are quite proud of our restaurant, but don’t take our word for it… Come and taste for yourself why the locals on the island have voted us one of L.B.I.’s “favorite hangouts.” Our friendly atmosphere and experienced staff invite you to bring your friends, family, and a hearty appetite the next time you visit Surf City.

What is a Certified Clam Dealer?

The Seafood and Shellfish Project oversees a certification program which requires all wholesale shellfish dealers to handle, process, and ship shellfish under sanitary conditions and maintain records verifying that the shellfish were obtained from approved areas.

By law, each bushel of shellfish must have a tag indicating that it was harvested from approved waters and harvested by dealers certified by the Department of Health. Shellfish samples are regularly collected from harvest areas, certified shellfish dealers and retailers for bacteriological examination. Also, inspectors routinely check the shipping containers of shellfish to be sure that wholesalers are providing proper identification tags which show the source of the shellfish.

The goal of these shellfish safety programs is to help assure the consumer that the clams, oysters and mussels are harvested from areas of the state that are safe.